Refund Policy

1.Service Period and Fees
1.1 The service period shall be subject to the period your choice
and pay the service fees. You can check it by logging in "Member Center".
1.2 The Company will provide a 30-day Money Back schedule for you. If you have any dissatisfaction with the service within 30 days after you successfully pay the service fees and open the member service, you can request refund by contacting Customer Service from the e-mail (, and the Company will refund the remaining fees according to the length of time you use the service. This process will takes 2-5 working days.
1.3 The refund service is only provided to the users who have purchased member services for more than one month (excluding one month).
1.4 In order to protect your refund rights, you should inform us by a clear declaration about your decision to cancel the service by e-mail (
You should use the model form as below:
– To: CoolNew PDF Team
– Ordered on (*)
– Name of the consumer:
– Consumer’s CoolNew account ID (*):
– Date:
– Application Reason:
1.5 If there is any mistake in the process of charge deduction, the Company and you shall cooperate closely to find out the reasons and bear the loss caused by its own fault respectively. If both parties have unequal faults and shall bear corresponding responsibilities according to the degree of fault. If both parties are jointly in fault, but their respective faults cannot be distinguished, then both parties shall equally bear the loss.

1.6The Company may modify and change the charging standards and methods of the Service according to the overall planning of the Service. The Company will publicize the above amendments and changes on relevant service pages. If you need to obtain or use the Service, please understand the charging standards, methods and other information about the Service at that time in advance.

2. How to Contact Us.
If you have any questions about this Refund Policy , please feel free to contact us by email  [].